Ali Al Fatlawi | Wathiq Al Ameri

Performing as Duo - Workshop

3.- 5. April 2017
Pollen Studios |1st Fl | 37-39 Queen Street | Belfast | BT1 6EA

11:00 – 16:30 h

Wednesday  5th
11:00 -14.00 h   

Workshop | Costs £60 – Includes lunch

Booking | Brian Patterson | Tel  07968643871


The performances of Ali Al-Fatlawi and Wathiq Al-Ameri reflect and challenge the West’s attitudes to Iraq and Iraqi culture – the fears and expectations and the dread arising from civil casualties, border-crossings and the psychological pressure expressed in physical gestures. The mortal as part of everyday life, dealing with war acts and the role of memory and lost lives in war are also important subjects expressed in their performances. Ali Al-Fatlawi and Wathiq Al-Ameri won the Performance Art Award Switzerland in 2011, which was followed more recently with the prestigious Swiss Art Award 2012. Ali Al-Fatlawi & Wathiq Al-Ameri are based in Switzerland and collaborate as part of the studio Urnamo founded in 2002. They have known each other since childhood and studied together at the Bagdad Arts Academy in Iraq and F+F Submit Schule für Kunst und Design.

Performances (selection)

Arctic Action1, Svalbard, Arctic 2015 | LiveAction 10, Gothenburg, Sweden 2015 | Infr’Action 3, Venezia Biennale, Italy 2014 | Mothers tongue, Helsinki , Finland 2014 INTON’ACTION 4 Angoulême, France 2014 | Infr’Action 10, Sète, France 2013 | Estonia:Kumu Art Museum 2013 | PERFORM NOW, Winterthur Switzerland 2013 | Infr’Action 9, Sète, France 2013 | LiveAction 8, Gothenburg, Sweden 2013 | Infr’Action 2, Venezia Biennale, Italy 2012 | Guangzhou Live International Action Art, Guangzhou, China 2012 | Trouble Performance Festival, Brussels, Belgium 2012 | Performance Festival Turku, Finland 2011 | Performance Laboratory 03, Linz, Austria 2011 | Mont der Performancekunst, Im Flutgraben, Berlin, Germany 2011 | Performance Workshop Museum of Fine Arts School, Boston 2011 | Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, New York, USA 2011 | International Festival of Live Art, BMI Glasgow, Scotland 2011 | International Performance Festival, Mainz, Germany 2010 | Ex Machina Contemporary Arts, Geneva 2010 | Festival Particules, Geneva 2009 | Open International Performance Festival, Beijing, China 2009 | Zoom Festival, Hildsheim, Germany 2008 | Momentum Festival, Brussels, Belgium 2008 Studio Mesopotamia, Vienna.


The central theme of the workshop will be Performing as Duo. 

Given we have a long background on working as a duo, we will talk about our experiences – positive/negative and how this has shaped the discourses in our work. We will discuss our odyssey from Iraq through different countries to Switzerland. Does this experience together require a collaborative performance or is this necessary? How is it for us/the audience in how this reflects on the space and material? Does every one of us still have their own clear way?

In this practice based workshop, the students will work on exploring questions of collaboration from individual to collective work through the medium of live art, reflecting on space / material / audience. There will be a particular focus in experimenting to use material or not.

Some starting points:

  • How to start thinking about an idea?
  • Whose idea is it? Which points make both feel it’s a shared idea?
  • What is the form and the way to choose? How to choose material?
  • How important is it to have material? Or not to use any material? Sharing material?
  • Should the idea of one performer be developed to make the other feel its his too? What steps are taken to reach that?
  • Is choosing the material/space and sharing that with the performance partner/audience turning the original idea into a new one?
  • Together or alone?

There will be opportunities to work in collaboration throughout the workshop and test ideas/processes in Public Space.