El Putnam

Mam├Ądchen. Photo Aoife Giles


EL Putnam visual artist, scholar, and writer working predominately in performance art, video, sound, and interactive media. Her work draws from multiple themes and sources, including explorations of gender and sexuality, play, materialism, and the study of place, which she investigates through personal and cultural lenses. EL has actively been presenting artworks and performances in the United States and Europe for the past decade, and has been a member of the Mobius Artists Group since 2009. Through her artistic practice, EL is interested in exploring hidden histories and emotional experiences, testing the limits of their un-representability. She is drawn to gestures and the kinaesthetic; actions as interlocution, or the forces and relations that interconnect people with places, space, material objects, ideas, and each other. Treating art events as inherently participatory, her work opens intersubjective spaces that offer multiple conceptual and aesthetic points of entry for the audience. In addition to creating works that are rich in cultural and political meaning, EL is interested in how aesthetic pleasure can be used as a critical strategy, or as a means of captivating audiences in order to expose them to provocative ideas.