Eleni Kolliopoulou

Still from the videoperformance Homesick (2015)


I am a media artist (performance, video, installations) particularly interested in the intersection between performance and philosophy. I studied at the University Kapodistriaka of Athens in the Department of Methodology, History and Theory of Science (1998 -2003, BA).

In 2007 I moved to Turin (Italy) where I attended Philip Radice school of Physical Theater for one year. There I studied contemporary dance, dance theater and butoh dance and took part in several public group performances.

Between 2008 and 2013 I accomplished my BA and MA degree by the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin; in the meanwhile I was in Germany (Hochschuele Burg Gibiechestein Halle an der Saale ) as an Erasmus student for the academic year 2011/2012.

I am currently pursuing a practice based PhD in time-based art at Ulster University (Derry, Magee Campus) from September 2016 with a project proposal that concerns the interaction among body, space and objects.


I started to create with the medium of Painting and initially my research was concentrated in the abstract relation between elements as color, lines and shapes. From the very start my strongest interest was the movement occurring in the surface and the creation of the sensation of a space that surrounds us. I never faced the surface as a picture but always as a living area.

 Gradually I became influenced by body research, hence the movement became even more concrete. In this period I experimented with the medium of video; as a natural process of union between the image and the movement.

 The topics of my works are poetic and philosophical and they tackle indirectly social/ issues. I create atmospheres to express feelings and thoughts having my lived experience as a starting point. Performance is a medium that I use because I perceive the body as a container and conveyor of body-mind intelligence where different strata of experience take place and unfold.

When I perform, I pay much attention to the site-specific dimension of the performance/ installation which I perceive as a live organism in constant modification as a togetherness.