Elvira Santamaría Torres

Parable IXII: Process. Gauchito Gil Sanctuary. Junín, Argentina 2016. Photo Silvio de Gracia


Elvira Santamaría-Torres was born in 1967 in México City. She studied art in Mexico City in the former “Esmeralda”. In 2009 she finished her Master degree in the School of Art and design of the University of Ulster in Belfast. In1993 She participated in the First Month of Performance Art in the University Museum El Chopo with the piece One sleepless night. In 1994 she won the First Prize of the 3rd Performance Art Month Award with the piece Donation for an igneous force and she was also invited to the Rencontre International de Art Performance in Quebec. Since then, Elvira Santamaría has shown her artwork in Festivals, Art Centres, galleries, Museums, theatres and public spaces in Mexico, Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia, such as: 2nd Festival del Performance, Ex-Teresa Arte Actual, 1993; Germany performance art tour: Cologne, Essen, Dormunt and Bon organized by ASA European, 1997; Expo Hannover 2000; Nippon International Performance Art Festival, NIPAF in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagano and Nagoya, 2002. Mercosul Biennale in Brazil, 2005; National Review of Live Art Glasgow 2000, 2005, 2007, and 2011. In place of Passing, Bbeyond, 2006; Labour in London, Dublin and Derry/London Derry, 2012.

Santamaría has been member of Black Market International performance art group since 2000. She has organized and curated various performance art events like the International Performance Art Encounter in Yucatán, 2002-2006; Actions on Route, Interventions in Mexico City 2001 and 2003; InterSERO, International Action Art Encounter 2009 in the Carrillo Gil Museum of Art. In 2007 She made Urban Actions project in Bogotá. Since 2010 she has been committee member of Bbeyond, Performance art Organization in Northern Ireland. She was nominated for the Artraker Award, 2013, Awarding Creativity in Art and Conflict in London. Her artwork has been published in books, catalogues magazines and Internet, such as: Inter Review, Art Actuel 2011; Revista Efimera publish by Acción!MAD in Madrid 2011; Art & Agenda, Political Art and Activism by Gestalten 2012 y Double Exposures 2014.
Her works are a personal search by means of several forms of action art: chamber performance, process-installation, urban actions, interventions, etc. For her, action art is an existential practise of self-knowledge. Its poetic postulates the self-creation through the acts. The symbolic act creates important reference points in the evolution of the consciousness of the artist, but the not symbolic one is the true dimension of the present.