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Alastair MacLennan – Somatic Distortion 2019 – Photography Christine Mackey

Alastair MacLennan

“A primary function of art is to bridge our mental and physical worlds. Through crass materialism we’ve reduced art to cultural real estate. ‘Actual’ creativity can be neither bought nor sold, though it’s husks, shells and skins often are. It’s possible in art to use meta systems without over-reliance on physical residue and attendant marketplace hustling, jockeying and squabbling.” “Art is the demonstrated wish and will ‘towards’ resolving inner and outer conflict, be it spiritual, religious, political, personal, social, cultural…or any interfusion of these.” “As well as ecology of natural environment, there’s ecology of mind and spirit, each an integrated aspect of the ‘other’. Our challenge today is to live this integration. Already we’re late. Time we ‘have’ is not so vital as time we ‘make’.” Alastair MacLennan travels extensively in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, North America and Canada presenting Actuations (performance/installations). He is a member of the performance art entity, Black Market International and a founding member (and current board member) of Bbeyond Belfast.


Brian Patterson – Interval 4 Essen 2014 – Photography Thomas Reul

Brian Patterson

Brian Patterson is administrator and co-ordinator of projects for Bbeyond and one of the motivational forces behind setting up Bbeyond. Patterson previously, worked with Flax art Studios (1998 -2003) organising their International Residency Programme, and Catalyst Arts, (1996-1998), an artist-run organisation, to promote innovative and experimental working practices. He graduated 1992 from Ulster University and has taken part in numerous group exhibitions, mainly with installation work. In 2001, he contributed to Routes, a project set up to promote the work of the transport union in keeping sectarianism out of the work place in Northern Ireland. “Our position within the cultural map of time is the result of humanity’s constant search for identity and meaning.” Patterson’s working practice is concerned with the poetics of being in relation to place (the present/environment) and intellectually how we have arrived here (through our past/histories), and the potentially to navigate our future/s.

Brian Patterson | BBeyond


Elaine McGinn – Re-Emerging -Bbeyond Monthly  H&H  2020 – Photography Jordan Hutchings

Elaine McGinn

Born in Belfast 1963. Through the debris of political and societal change, Elaine McGinn graduated from the University of Ulster Belfast and continued study in Art Therapy at Queens University Belfast. McGinn has consistently produced works locally and internationally and has recently taken part in Rebel live Action “Eco Art” international performance festival, Bangkok, Thailand and Suncheon, South Korea. McGinn casts a net over an ocean of experience and extracts her truths trough variegated metaphor. Her Performance and drawings respond to an embodied art practice, engaging with the connections between inner transformation and societal change. McGinn aims to expand awareness of the crucial and complex role of the body in making and experiencing art.

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Eleni Kolliopoulou – Bbeyond Monthly Helen’s Bay 2020 – Photography Jordan Hutchings

Eleni Kolliopoulou

Eleni Kolliopoulou (1980, Athens) is a mixed-media visual and performance artist and researcher particularly interested in the intersection between performance and philosophy. Kolliopoulou studied at the University Kapodistriaka of Athens in the Department of Methodology, History and Theory of Science (1998 -2003, BA). Kolliopoulou moved to Turin (Italy) on September 2007 where she attended ‘Philip Radice School of Physical Theatre, contemporary dance, dance theatre and Butoh dance and took part in several public group performances. Between 2008 and 2013 Kolliopoulou accomplished her BA and MA degree by the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin; She was in Germany (Hochscuele Burg Gibiechestein Halle an der Saale) as an Erasmus student for the academic year 2011/2012. Eleni was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy for her practice-based PhD research at Ulster University (Northern Ireland, UK). Kolliopoulou’s research concerned the use of Butoh body notion in immersive Performative Installations.


James King – Accíon MAD 16 – Madrid 2016 – Photography Abel Loureda

James King

James King lectured for thirty years in Community Drama at the University of Ulster. His extra-mural activity included agit prop street art/ theatre and clowning. Since retirement King has began developing sound poetry and spoken word improvisation, which feeds into his performance art practice, particularly through Bbeyond monthly group performance events which are held in galleries and outdoor spaces. Since Covid restrictions King hosts BBDB weekly zoom group performance meets. King’s contribution tends to provide a vocal sound landscape, helping to create a sense of group cohesion. The essence of Kings contributions follow an organic process, flavoured by spontaneous, intuitive responses to inner and outer promptings and stimuli.

James King | BBeyond


Keike Twisselmann – Somatic Distortion – 2019

Keike Twisselmann

Since 1989 Keike Twisselmann’s work scope includes painting, poetry of the mind, film, performance art, automatic writing, philosophy, politics, the laws of nature and humanity; noise and silence. However, her two main fields of output are in painting and performance art. Living and working between Berlin and Belfast, her recent performance artwork during the pandemic focuses on a microcosm of body – “pars pro toto-totum pro parte” – reflecting back onto the Renaissance philosophy where a microscopic body part REFLECTS a whole universe.



Sandra Corrigan Breathnach – P.E.P.A. Madrid 2019 – Photography Carlos Felices

Sandra Corrigan Breathnach

Sandra Corrigan Breathnach is an interdisciplinary artist working mainly in Performance Art. Recent performances include ‘Severance II’ P.E.P.A (Pequeno Evento Performance Art) online 2021, ‘Human’, Revision Festival Belfast 2020. Notable works include, an 8 hour collaborative performance ‘Flux In Flow’ with Artist Alastair MacLennan, Golden Thread Gallery Belfast 2019, ‘Voids’, Rencontre internationale d’art performance (R.i.A.P.) Canada 2018, ‘Truth ?’ Pollen Gallery Belfast 2018, ‘Breath And Blood’ a collaborative Performance Installation Exhibition with Alastair MacLennan, Burren College Gallery, 2018, Acción Mad 16 – XIII Encuentro De Arte De Acción, Matadero Madrid 2016. Corrigan – Breathnach created and organised R-A-W (Recorded Action Web Exhibition) 2021, a new Bbeyond online Performance Art Video Exhibition. In 2019 she initiated and Curated ‘Somatic Distortion’ a Performance Art event which she developed with the L.S.C. & The Glens Centre. Corrigan – Breathnach is Co – Chairperson of the performance art organisation Bbeyond Belfast.


Sarah Riseborough – Somatic Distortion 2019 – Photography Sandra Corrigan Breathnach

Sarah Riseborough

I began making live performance in 2013 after moving from traditional representational painting into sculpture, intervention and installation using low value, mass-produced materials. I’ve worked in the UK and Europe in groups and in solo. I write mythological fiction and facilitate local community projects. I framed this practice ‘Between Body and Land’ as a way of coming into deeper relationship with both, intending to co-create a culture between, that connects land, body and community in a way that transforms the territorial markers of colonial culture. By relocating art making from studio to performance context, the body mediates shifts between vertical and horizontal surfaces, from 2 dimensions into 3 in an interplay of making marks and structures. The performance space allows the works to dialogue directly with the body, facilitating moments of personal significance while creating a shared abstract language of colour and form for the audience community.


Sinéad Breathnach Cashell – Bbeyond Monthly Helen’s Bay – 2020 – Photography Jordan Hutchings

Sinéad Breathnach Cashell

Sinéad Breathnach- Cashell investigates ways of engaging people in creative expression through co-operative play. This kaleidoscopic practice includes interactive installations; performance art and curating. Born and based in Belfast, she is a member of Bbeyond, the Array Collective, #WeShallNotBeRemoved and a CCA Research Associate. Sinéad works as a curator for Northern Ireland Screen’s Digital Film Archive, developing live cinema projects using the Ulster Television archive.

Sinead Breathnach-Cashell | BBeyond






Poster Image – Photography Abel Loureda

Artist Images – Courtesy of the Artists