Keike Twisselmann

IPA, Venice, 2016. Photo Jürgen Fritz


Keike Twisselmann, MFA – Belfast – Berlin – existing since 1967,performance art since 1989, motorbike racing as performance since 2005

artist statement on „life vs performance art“

To create art is like running an engine:

air = inspiration, petrol = fragments of life/flux which are chosen by the artist as “objects of wisdom and desire” and choosing a fragment of life to use as an “object of wisdom and desire” to be transformed into art, the performance artist acts like a “LICHTMASCHINE” (“light machine” = generator) to create the sparks, energy, electricity – this requires skill, experience and the utmost of concentration…like compressing a piece of coal into a diamond…the electricity is generated BY the artist as the “alchemist” and Licht-maschine.

The spark comes from the artist as „Lichtmaschine“ (= „machine that creates light“) – the skill is keeping the right balance to fuel  the compression of the engine just right and tune it for performance (!)

When a specific social concern grows more into an all-encompassing global concern, it may be less visible and poignant in a performance – becomes a diluted egalitarianism.

on bbeyond group performances

„..the most important aim with group performances for me is the “sketch” aspect (e.g. Brian Patterson’s actions, his „trial – wipe out error – try again“ experimental approach) and the “invisible” environment and potential contributors to my action to subconsciously create an organic whole (not only together with the co-performers, but with potential audience, animals, plants, stones, weather, etc) – different clothes are part of the approach and mood to an action, not a persona…“

(quote K. Tw. from a conversation with Dr. Slavka Sverakova, Belfast-Carrickfergus, 2016)