Performance Monthly

PAErsche/Bbeyond, 2016 | Aasee Münster, Germany


Dublin | 2010

Writers Square  | Belfast  | 2014

Peace Wall  | Belfast  | 2013

St. Annes Square  | Belfast  | 2011

Every person is an officiator of human possibilities. Time is human and time is us.

Elvira Santamaría Torres


Performance Art Monthly Meetings in Northern Ireland exist as a free experimental action art space, open to anyone who wants to join an unconventional dialog through action. They are a living concept of encounter which exist only in practice and belong to those who join it.

Inspired by Alastair Maclennan and Boris Nieslony, Black Market International, over 100 Performance Monthly encounters have taken place since 21st June 2008.

Boris Nieslony’s Workshop, 2007, had a tremendous impact on the artists in Belfast. His dedication, passion and discipline to this living art process presented a conscious experiential awareness of the impact that artists could have when they worked simultaneously. This workshop experience, furthered by some discussion between himself and Alastair MacLennan, resulted in the idea of creating simultaneous performances, allowing more scope and room for development for both the individual and the group, as a whole and as a collective.

Prior to this paradigm shift Sinéad O’Donnell had organised Excite, a series of nine performance meetings where artists presented solo work in various locations around Belfast. However immediately after this workshop, a lot of the artists here started working simultaneously, beginning at the next Excite meeting, continuing with artists working simultaneously instead of presenting solo work.

Later, these performance meetings became the Performance Monthly Meetings that began on the 21st June 2008 and have continued to date. These Performance Monthly Meetings have become the spirit of Bbeyond contributing to the development of praxis and idea/s through actualities; resulting in growth at both the individual and collective levels.

3G Third Floor | Cathedral Quarter Managed Workspace 109-113 Royal Avenue Belfast| BT1 1FF | Northern Ireland


Bbeyond is a non-profit organisation supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Lottery Fund. It is a registered charity. Charity No. XT 19063

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