Sandra Corrigan Breathnach

Photo: Gerard Leslie


Sandra Corrigan Breathnach is an interdisciplinary artist working mainly in Performance Art, her practice includes elements of Sculpture, Drawing, Photography, Video and Sound. Corrigan – Breathnach recently created and organised R-A-W (Recorded Action Web Exhibition), a new Bbeyond online Performance Art Video Exhibition. In 2019 she Curated ‘Somatic Distortion’ a Performance Art event which she initiated and developed with the L.S.C. & The Glens Centre. Corrigan – Breathnach is Co-Chairperson of the performance art organisation Bbeyond Belfast

The fundamental core of my practice deals with states of phenomenological expression of self and connectivity of the physical and meta-physical. Through this expression my life is given meaning, Performance Art allows me to enter an existential plain, where the vein of an innate knowledge as Beings in this world is explored, focusing on the narrative between objects and action, exploring natural materials as means of expression to connect and open discourse, exploring the temporal tensions in relation to identity, seeking to go beyond the shroud of modern life.’