Steve Batts

Presence, Space and Time | Workshop

9 – 11 October 2018

Time: 10.30 am to 4.30 pm

Location: Southbank Playhouse Theatre  | 1a Kimberly Drive | Belfast BT7 3EE

Workshop costs £60 – Includes lunch

Booking | Brian Patterson | Tel | 07968643871

This workshop is sponsored through the AHRC Project ‘Time: Between Metaphysics and Psychology’

Bbeyond would like to thank our sponsors, Queens University (Psychology Dept) in conjunction with the Warwick University (Philosophy Dept) for providing the funding through AHRC.





Steve Batts is considered a leading teacher of Contact Improvisation, and is regularly invited to teach and to lead at international Contact Improvisation festivals throughout Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

He is Artistic Director of Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company, which he co-founded in the early 1990’s with Ursula Laeubli. He has an outstanding reputation internationally as a performer and choreographer; and as an inspiring teacher of movement to professional dancers, young children, people with disabilities, and anyone else who has an interest in taking pleasure in poetic movement. He leads, directs and curates all of Echo Echo’s rich programme of work, and has recently focused on the development of the company ensemble through new works The Chess Piece (2010), The Feel of Play (2012), and The Cove (2012).

Steve has been a prolific movement artist since the early 1980’s with Jointwork Dance Group (1983-89) and Sidetrack Dance Theatre (1989-91) in Oxford, England. His recent work has included creating full-length works such as Intimacies for Voices Dance Company, Chisinau, Moldova (2007) and Water Under The Bridge, performed at the Theatre Institute in Kharkov, Ukraine in early 2008. He directed and choreographed Echo Echo’s Ripple Affect (2009/10), and in 2011 he performed his solo work gad gad vaso gadati as part of the Re-Presenting Ireland bill at Dublin Dance Festival, and intergenerational production Walk By (2016). In 2013 Steve curated Echo Echo’s major programmes for UK City of Culture 2013 including The Motion Ensemble and Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement – the Festival is now established as an annual event with a fourth edition taking place in November 2016.



“This Workshop will use the three days to deepen the experience of embodied attention and to sustain a heightened level of this attention to the process of real-time composition. I will introduce a few key ideas from my own work which I usually refer to as Poetic Movement. We will explore the processes of composition and performance from the point of view of the three core parameters of “Presence”, “Space” and “Time”. While recognising that these three elements never actually exist separately from each other, we will pay special attention to “Time” and will give particular attention to developing a deeper understanding of meter/pulse/rhythm/phrasing. 

We will begin the work with our main attention on movement but I hope to be able to explore voice, object and text as well.

We will do a lot of watching as well as watching a lot of doing.

Please wear something simple and comfortable as a starting point but bring any costumes, objects, texts, materials, instruments etc that you have a current taste for”.