Zara Lyness


I make performances and sculptural objects, often combining both. The value and significance of objects and materials, (implied and perceived), is an underlying motive in the forms I make. Through play and repetition, I perform technical processes that allow for evolution and alternate outcomes to occur with qualitative considerations including fragility, absurdity, preciousness and the refining of various techniques. As I search for my own voice I repeat movements and processes adding parts of my story to my work in the hope of striking a connection or encouraging a recollection for another. By sharing recognised symbols and stories we connect, accessing our own history to make sense of new experience. I intend my work to invite a response on literal and abstract planes. The materials I use vary and include inherited things, things of the body and home.


Zara Lyness is a recent graduate, 2017, from Belfast School of Art. After a circuitous journey in different industry sectors she returned to full time education and developed a multi-disciplinary practice, focusing on performance and sculpture. Lyness regularly participates in group performance and durational events. She is co-curator in a pop up gallery, Goose Lane Gallery, in Belfast, focusing on providing a platform to exhibit.

Her recent degree show was long listed for the RDS Visual Arts Awards. Lyness has worked with various groups such as Creative Exchange Studios, Pollen Studios, Visual Artists Ireland and R-Space Gallery as both artist and administrator, making connections and introductions between emerging and experienced art practitioners.